Submitting bugs

Added by timoline almost 8 years ago

Enable error reporting

When submitting a bug, make sure you change error reporting to maximum!
In Joomla backend goto:
Site | Global Configuration | Server | Error Reporting : Maximum
Submitting a bug

When submitting a bug, keep in mind, developers are your best friend, you want a bug fixed….right? SO please be gentle……THX

  1. Enable error reporting, described above.
  2. Check the bugtracker if this bug isnt reported yet.
  3. Always add steps to reproduce
  4. Always add screenshots
  5. Always try to explain the bug, so even your mother/grandmother will understand it
  6. NO language specific bugs please (e.g. only wrong english translations)
  7. Feature request are just suggestions and there is NO garanty it will be implemented, even not in future versions
  8. Do not assign a ticket to a developer. (Only if this developer asked you)
  9. If you are not sure its a bug, please discuss it on the forum first!


Added by Feuerstein almost 5 years ago

Backend create games
Is it possible to display the teams short names in the matrix?
So the browser-window can be smaller during creating new games on a matchday.
thx Fred